What is Premium Banking?

Think of it as an exclusive circle, several levels above the rest.  A service which understands that for you, the safest, the best, is just good enough. An alliance where cream-of-the-crop experts put you at financial ease, so you can kick back your feet and enjoy the market view.

A new service line developed for our most distinguished clients, Raiffeisen Premium Banking offers a holistic approach to professionals whose priority it is to enrich and protect their assets. Let's begin with the difference between what you have and what you could have. With standard banking, you ask for products, such as a credit card or a mortgage, and the bank provides them. But when you become Premium Banking client, we will first try to understand your personal needs and circumstance and then offer you a comprehensive financial plan that is stable and secure. With this style of banking you no longer have to wade through a sea of products. Rather, we do all that wading and then construct an integrated product pool that is just right for you.

When you qualify for Premium Banking, a range of benefits will be at your fingertips—a Personal Financial Advisor, priority treatment at bank branches, exclusive banking products and services.

Meet your very own Personal Financial Advisor.

This is your financial partner through thick and thin, who knows the ins and outs of your asset portfolio. Your advisor will meticulously select from a wide range of products and financial services to craft together the program that works lockstep with your goals. It is the advisor's priority to protect and grow your hard-earned income, so you and your family can look forward to a secure financial future.

Remember waiting in the bank at the end of that interminable lunch-hour line?

Now you simply skip the queue and head straight to the sleek design of the Premium Banking lounge, our dedicated areas for Premium Banking clients, where your needs will be attended to right away. This no-wait policy also applies to the telephone: you will have access to special operators, who can provide solutions for your problems and answers to your questions. Priority treatment extends to our banking products as well. Your credit-card applications, for instance, may be processed faster than usual. Because in this club called Premium Banking, the wait is a relic of the past.

Expect solutions that are superior to the standard.

After all, it wouldn't be Premium Banking if it didn't come with those premium products. First, you have access to a Current Account Package. This comprehensive offer may come with a premium debit card and credit card with increased spending limits and better interest rates. Both cards may be bundled with travel, accident and theft insurance, as well as a price guarantee—so you can have peace-of-mind when you use the card for daily business or during a holiday trip to a far-off land. A broad spectrum of upgraded investment and retirement products, mortgages, and insurance packages may be at your disposal. Because the Premium Products vary across countries, please check with your local Raiffeisen bank to find out which specific products they have on offer.

Please Note:
* You must pass certain criteria to be eligible for Premium Banking membership.  Eligibility criteria vary across countries. Please check your local Raiffeisen Bank website for details.
** Premium Banking benefits, products and services vary across countries.  Please check your local Raiffeisen Bank website to find out more.